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10 Samsung Galaxy Features You Should Be Using – How-To Geek

Justin Duino

Samsung Galaxy phones are notorious for having tons of features—whether you like it or not. That means there’s a very good chance there are some nifty things you don’t know about. Let’s fix that.

Undo Typing With a Gesture

You probably undo typing with the Ctrl/Command+Z shortcut on your PC a lot. The iPhone also has a nifty undo gesture. Did you know Samsung Galaxy phones have one too?

The default Samsung Keyboard has an undo gesture if you turn off swipe typing. In this context, “Undo” will remove the last few words you typed, not the individual characters. Simply swipe two fingers across the keyboard in either direction to undo or redo.

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Supercharge With Good Lock

Perhaps the biggest way you can customize your Galaxy phone is with Samsung’s “Good Lock” app. Don’t let the name fool you, the app is for much, much more than just the lock screen.

“Good Lock” is a suite of modules that add extra functionality and customization to many different parts of your phone. You can customize how notifications look, make clocks, tweak the multitasking screen, navigation bar, sound, lock screen, and more.

It’s really cool that Samsung offers Good Lock. No other smartphone makers offer this level of customization. It’s there if you want it, but not in your face if you don’t.

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Watch Videos in Better Quality

There’s a pretty good chance you got a Samsung phone because of its beautiful display. So why not make videos look as good as they can on it? That’s where the “Video Enhancer” feature comes in.

With Video Enhancer enabled, your phone will increase the screen brightness and make colors more vibrant whenever you’re watching a video. You don’t have to manually turn up the brightness yourself and you can decide which apps it applies to.



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