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Welcome to the 437th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the big headlines from the last week:

  • WhatsApp had a couple of announcements this week. You can now control who can or can’t see your profile. This is obviously a security feature, and you can click the link to learn more about it. Additionally, you can now transfer data from your Android phone to your iPhone directly, and that helps people who are switching from one to the other.
  • We asked our audience if they use any other app stores besides Google Play. Most of our readers don’t. That part was predictable. However, 48% of our readers actually do use alternate app stores. That’s a bit higher than expected. Hit the link to view the poll.
  • Google dropped Android 13 beta 3.1 this last week. It wasn’t a scheduled drop and appears to be a bug fix. It enables the Feedback app to folks who might not have it. There was a second rollout later in the week to fix some other bug issues, including a problem with the back button not working right.
  • Samsung got caught cheating on benchmarks once again. This time, it’s for TV benchmarks. The company has its TVs juice their color and brightness specifically for benchmarks, so the numbers appear better. Samsung says it’ll update the TVs to fix them. The company also announced Samsung Wallet, an apparent upgrade to Samsung Pay. It supports payments like always but also includes support for digital car keys along with cryptocurrency investments.
  • Adobe is tinkering with the idea of making its web version of Photoshop free for everybody. This could be a big deal for Chromecast users who don’t have a full Photoshop version available to them. Adobe is testing this in Canada right now. We’ll see if they keep going with it.

Artery Gear: Fusion

Price: Free to play

Artery Gear: Fusion is a mobile RPG with gacha elements. It plays like a pretty typical mobile RPG, but the gacha elements are similar to Epic Seven or Azur Lane. All of the characters are mech girls, and that’s a surprisingly popular premise. The mechanics are pretty easy to grasp. In particular, the combat …….


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