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5 things we want to see from Samsung in 2022 – Android Authority

Looking back, Samsung had a pretty rough 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic made things difficult for pretty much everyone, but Samsung watched as its two star products — the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines — saw dismal sales. Meanwhile, its foldable phones were selling better, but the disaster of the original Galaxy Fold was still fresh in our thoughts.

Unfortunately, the Note line is probably no more. Samsung’s first foray into Wear OS watches has been somewhat unimpressive and the company is still trailing behind Apple in the tablet market.

What can Samsung do to make 2022 even better than 2021? We have some thoughts on exactly that below!

1. Do the Note line proud

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority

Samsung hasn’t come out and directly said so, but all evidence suggests the Note line is done. The company did not release any Note devices in 2021, and rumors say there’s no Note on the docket for 2022, either.

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Instead, there’s a sizable amount of evidence the Galaxy S22 Ultra will take up the Note aesthetic in everything but name. The S22 Ultra looks like a Note, has an S Pen slot, and appears to be more of an evolution of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra than the Galaxy S21 Ultra. In essence, it’s likely the next Note even if it won’t be labeled as such.

The Note line is legendary amongst long-time Android fans, many of whom visit our site often. While most are sad the series is probably coming to a close, hopes appear to be high that Samsung will do it proud under the Galaxy S banner. We hope the company can pull this off, as eliminating the line altogether is a huge sting. If Samsung also tarnishes the legacy by somehow mucking up the Galaxy S22 Ultra, it could lose a lot of its core audience.

There’s also the problem of people who really like the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Those folks might not appreciate the Note-like redesign of the Galaxy S22 Ultra, which could cause some friction. Samsung has to play this delicately from all sides, and we hope it’s up to the …….


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