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Daily Authority: ‍♂️ Samsung’s FE dead? – Android Authority

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

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Samsung FE finished?

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

What’s happened:

  • According to “multiple sources” anonymously speaking with SamMobile, Samsung could be thinking about killing off the entire Fan Edition line.
  • This would mean no Galaxy S22 FE or any other FE models going forward.
  • SamMobile also points out “the SM-S900, which would have been the Galaxy S22 FE’s model number, doesn’t exist,” and at this point last year, there were plenty of hints that the S21 FE was in the works, including official renders leaking in April and then in June.
  • This year, nothing.
  • Hmm.


  • If you recall, Samsung’s FE line was kicked off via the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE back in 2020.
  • And, it was pretty great: it sold well, it offered most of the important specs of the $999 Galaxy S20 smartphone but at $699, and even won Android Authority’s Editor’s Pick award for 2020 smartphone of the year.
  • Unfortunately, the Galaxy S21 FE was a mixed bag. The phone itself was actually fine, but instead of launching around August 2021, it came out in early 2022 at $699.
  • That made it close enough to the Galaxy S21 ($799) to be confusing, and then the Galaxy S22 series promptly came out in February, just a few weeks later.
  • Again, the phone was fine, it just missed its window for enthusiasts. (Even now, the S21 FE is absolutely a decent buy given you get 4.5 years of updates, and it’s at a much-reduced price compared to RRP.)

What’s next:

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