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Even Samsung’s most affordable US 5G phone is getting Android 12 now – PhoneArena

If you’re looking for the best budget phone available today, the 5G-enabled Galaxy A13… may not feel like the number one option from a hardware perspective. Priced very competitively, at least at first glance, the 6.5-inch mid-ranger is not as sharp and stylish as the similarly affordable OnePlus Nord N200 5G or as versatile (from more than one standpoint) as the slightly costlier Moto G Stylus 5G (2021).

But OnePlus and Motorola are light years behind Samsung when it comes to software support, as highlighted (for the umpteenth time in recent months) by the official Android 12 update currently rolling out to the aforementioned Galaxy A13 5G stateside.According to the folks over at SamMobile, who are never wrong about these things, said over-the-air delivery is underway as far as the “carrier-locked version” of said low-cost 5G device is concerned. That’s certainly vague given that the Galaxy A13 5G is available from multiple US carriers, but if one such mobile network operator has indeed got the ball rolling, the rest are likely to follow suit very soon.The same should also be true for the handset’s unlocked variant, which can be purchased from its manufacturer at $249.99 with no trade-in and no other strings attached. That’s an incredibly low price to pay for an Android 12andOne UI 4.1-supporting smartphone with an Android 13 update undoubtedly on the way next year as well.While the Nord N200 5G, for instance, has miraculously managed to beat the Galaxy A13 5G to the stable Android 12 punch (by a few days), an Android 13 promotion is almost surely out of the question for that particular ultra-affordable 6.5-incher. 

Many other decent 5G mid-rangers from various brands, including Motorola, are still stuck with Android 11 and looking at Android 12 as …….


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