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Fortnite download guide: How to get the game on every device – Sportskeeda

Epic Games has made Fortnite downloads available on every modern gaming platform. Thanks to this, the video game has become popular in almost every part of the world and still gets millions of daily active players.

At the very beginning, a Fortnite download was only possible on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, players can now enjoy it on newer-generation consoles as well as handheld devices like mobile phones and Nintendo Switch.

Unfortunately, Epic Games has had some trouble with Google and Apple, which is why the video game was removed from Google Play and the App Store. Due to this, many players are confused and don’t know how to download it on their device.

In this article, we will list legitimate ways to download Fortnite on your device. Please do not attempt to get the game from third-party app stores as they are not safe for your device and could lead to permanent damage.

Fortnite download guide for PC and consoles

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PC players will have to use the Epic Games Launcher for a Fortnite download. The launcher is a relatively small application that gives PC users access to the Epic Games Store where the game is located.

PlayStation and Xbox players need to obtain the game from the PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store respectively. Since the game is free, there is no need to add any credit or use a payment method. The process is the same for both last-generation and current-generation consoles.

Finally, Nintendo Switch players will have to visit the Nintendo eShop to obtain Fortnite. Unfortunately, Fortnite’s PvE mode, Save the World, is not yet available on this platform.

Fortnite on Android and iPhone mobile phones

Downloading Fortnite on an Android device is slightly more complicated. The game is not available on Google Play, which is why players have to use an alternative method.

Those who own a Samsung device can easily download the …….


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