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Microsoft news recap: Outlook Lite app coming to Android, Xbox Game Pass comes to Samsung 2022 TVs, and more –

Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read!

Hackers have been using a new piece of malware to back door Microsoft Exchange servers for the past 15 months

A new piece of malware is being used to back door into Microsoft Exchange servers, with Kaspersky reporting that 34 servers belonging to 24 organisations have been affected, and the malware has been used for the past 15 months.

Microsoft working on Outlook Lite app for Android

An Outlook Lite app for Android has been added to the roadmap. Whilst details are limited, the new app is designed to bring the best bits of Outlook to low-end devices, using less storage space and being less network intensive.

Samsung Gaming Hub rolls out today, bringing Xbox Game Pass to Samsung 2022 smart TVs

Xbox Game Pass has officially arrived on Samsung 2022 smart TVs, after the company began rolling out its Samsung Gaming Hub. The new feature allows owners of 2022 smart TVs by Samsung to stream games via Xbox Game Pass directly to their TV, removing the need for an Xbox console.

Collections in Microsoft Edge is getting the ability to save images and videos

Updates to the Collections feature in Microsoft Edge have been announced. In a future version of Microsoft Edge, it will be possible to save images and videos into Collections, providing a space to quickly store content that is useful or interesting, as well as share it with others in order to collaborate.

That’s it for this week. We will be back next week with more Microsoft news.

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