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Need to fix a cracked Samsung phone? How’s $50 sound? – Android Authority

If you’ve ever cracked your phone’s display before, you’ll know how expensive it can be to get it fixed. Sometimes, it’s not even worth it: you’d be better off buying a new phone.

However, for Samsung phone owners in the United States, that’s not the case for the next two weeks. From June 13 until June 27, 2022, you can fix a cracked Samsung phone for just $50.

As one would expect, there are many caveats here. But don’t worry too much: most people with a cracked display should qualify for this.

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Fix a cracked Samsung phone: Promotion caveats

  • This promotion is only open to residents of the 50 states in the United States and Washington, D.C.
  • You cannot use a walk-in option for this. You must mail the phone to Samsung.
  • The front display is all that’s eligible for repair. This will not work for frame and back glass repairs.
  • Likewise, this will not repair anything else about the phone, including ports, buttons, circuit boards, cameras, etc.
  • UBreakIFix, Best Buy, and other Samsung repair partners are not participating.
  • You will need a Samsung account in order to initiate the repair.
  • The promotion runs from June 13, 2022, until June 27, 2022.
  • One repair per customer.

Now, for the most important part: which phones are eligible for this promo? If you’re looking to fix a cracked Samsung phone, you must own one of the following:

  • Any Galaxy S phone from the Galaxy S9 series and newer
    • Excludes Galaxy S21 FE and Galaxy S20 FE
  • Any Galaxy Note phone from the Galaxy Note 9 and newer
  • Any Galaxy A phone

Unsurprisingly, this promotion does not work for any of Samsung’s foldable phones. It also does not apply to any of the old Galaxy J models.


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