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Samsung Is Holding A Sale On In-Game Purchases For Galaxy Users – Android Headlines

Samsung is holding a Galaxy Store game sale on in-game purchases starting from tomorrow. The company has revealed. If you have a Galaxy smartphone, then you may want to consider making any in-game purchases through the Galaxy Store to save some money. That’s assuming you’re making any in-game purchases at all.

But if you are, you have a chance to potentially save some significant cash. The best part is that there are really not too many limitations here. According to Samsung, the sale will be supporting every single game on the Galaxy Store. So long as that game offers in-game purchasable items that cost more than $2. And that seems to be the only requirement. IAPs will need to be more than $2 and you’ll save money on those purchases.

How much exactly? Samsung’s says that all in-game purchases will save you 30% during the sale period. Also worth noting is that making a purchase of more than $2 simply earns you the coupon. Which you can then spend on other in-game purchases.

The Galaxy Store game sale lasts until July 6

The sale officially begins on June 30 at 12:01 am PT, and it continues until July 6 at 11:59 pm PT. So you’ve got about a week to save money on anything you buy. If the game is available in the Galaxy Store, then the sale should cover the IAPs from that game. Including titles like Genshin Impact and Pokémon GO.

There is one caveat to all of this that’s worth mentioning. You can save money on any in-game purchase as long as the game is in the Galaxy Store and the purchase is over $2. Doing so will get you the 30% coupon for that purchase. However, you can only claim up to 10 coupons during the promotion period.

So keep that in mind if you plan on tossing some money Samsung’s way during the sale. The other thing to keep in mind is that coupons will last for up to 24 hours. So once you receive one, make sure to use it quickly.


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