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Samsung releases “Stranger Nights” promo touting Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Nightography camera – comments –


Anonymous, 2 hours agoEven A52 is stable. How can S22 Ultra be not stable? If it isn’t working well you can go … moreClearing the cache won’t speed up your phone. In fact, it’ll probably do the opposite since the entire point of the cache is to avoid the app, or the system, to constantly load stuff again when the app is opened (like images, text, pages, etc.). Cache is there to help speed things up, not to slow it down especially if there’s loading anything from the web like Instagram, Facebook, etc. Try scrolling down Instagram or Facebook then delete the cache for the app and you’ll notice how no images are downloaded and you’ll have to re-download all the data it loaded before. This would also impact your battery and data usage since it’ll re-download files and will also make your phone work harder to create the cache files again.

I seriously don’t know why clearing the cache is always recommended here. It should only be cleared if you’re experiencing any issues with the app like things not loading/working correctly. If that doesn’t work, deleting app data next, then reinstalling the app is the last resort for troubleshooting. It’s rarely ever needed and won’t do anything.

The one reason I’d clear the cache is if it was taking up a lot of data (like hundreds of MB or GB that’s clearly not needed like, let’s say, a reddit app). Apps should delete the older cache files after a while so it’s most likely not needed.

Same with going to Recovery and deleting Dalvik Cache or deleting the Cache Partition. 99% of the time, it won’t even do anything and is just placebo to make it seem like it speeds up your phone. There’s a reason why that menu is hard to get to and isn’t user facing since it isn’t needed. Fun fact: when a software update is installed on your phone, it should have done the step of deleting both the dalvik cache and cache partition when it goes to the blue Android screen and why it says Optimizing Apps when your phone loads. The only time it’s needed to even delete it is if your phone is acting really wonky like …….


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