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Top 10 Best Wall Chargers For Samsung Galaxy A53 5G – Android Headlines

Much like its high-end smartphones, Samsung has taken the wall charger out of the Galaxy A53 5G’s box as well. Which means that you’re going to want to buy some chargers for your Galaxy A53 5G, so you can make sure your phone never completely dies.

So here, we have rounded up the very best chargers for the Galaxy A53 5G. Remember that it can charge at up to 25W. Some of these chargers will charge faster, it won’t charge the Galaxy A53 5G faster, but it is good to use for multiple devices, like another smartphone, tablet or even a laptop.

Best wall chargers for Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

These chargers on this list range from around $13, all the way up to about $50. Depending on what you’re looking for, you could spend quite a bit on a charger. We really like multi-port chargers, allowing you to use one outlet to charge multiple things. Like your laptop, tablet, smartphone and smartwatch. There’s also some great traveling chargers available too.

So without further ado, here’s the best wall chargers available for the Galaxy A53 5G.

Product name Cost Where to buy
Samsung 25W Travel Adapter $19.99
Belkin 25W Power Delivery USB C PPS Wall Charger $19.99 Amazon
Spigen 40W Dual USB C Wall Charger $29.99 Amazon
RAVPower 61W PD 3.0 Wall Charger $21.99 Amazon
Anker 60W 2-Port PowerPort Atom PD $39 Amazon
RAVPower 65W 4-Port Desktop USB Charging Station $49.99 Amazon
CHOETECH 20W PD Fast Charger $12.99 Amazon
Anker PowerPort III Duo Type C Foldable Fast Charger $29.99 Amazon
Spigen 27W Wall Charger $19.99 Amazon
Anker 715 Charger (GaN, 65W) $59.99 Amazon

Samsung 25W Travel Adapter

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